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Line up

Mystic Garden

Hosted by:A.T.E.
  1. Andres Campo

  2. Eats Everything

  3. Frank Storm

  4. Gregor Tresher (live)

  5. Matador

  6. Skream

  7. wAFF

Show stage I

Cirque Mystique

Hosted by:Gem Records
  1. Christian Smith

  2. Enrico Sangiuliano

  3. Luigi Madonna

  4. Nakadia

  5. Pig&Dan

  6. Ramon Tapia

  7. Secret Cinema

  8. SQL

Show stage II

Terminal One

  1. _Unsubscribe_

    Dave Clarke b2b Mr. Jones
  2. The Advent vs. Industrialyzer (live)

  3. Roberto Capuano

    B2B Markantonio
  4. Markantonio

    B2B Roberto Capuano
  5. Joran van Pol

  6. Mirella Kroes

  7. Dispar Vulgo

Show stage III

Dockyard pres. Cocoon

  1. Boris Werner

  2. Dana Ruh

  3. Egbert (live)

  4. Ilario Alicante

  5. Johannes Volk (live)

  6. Len Faki

  7. Sven Väth

Show stage IV

DOCKYARD pres. Machine

  1. Ben Sims

  2. Blasha & Allatt

  3. Blawan

  4. Dax J

  5. Kirk Degiorgio

  6. Robert Hood

  7. Sandrien

Show stage V

DOCKYARD pres. Mindshake

  1. Apollonia

  2. Cuartero

  3. Fer BR

  4. Paco Osuna

  5. Technasia

Show stage VI


● Minimum Age ●
The minimum age to enter the festival is 18. Please have your identification with you, as we will be checking your ID’s at the door.

Drug use is strictly prohibited at the festival. You will also not be permitted to take your own food or drinks with you to the festival. Expect to be checked thoroughly at the door.

● E-cigarettes ●
e-cigarettes are allowed on the festival terrain, as long as they are pocket sized. And refills have to be unopened and sealed.

There are lockers available for rent at the festival for 7 euros per locker. There is approximately enough room in one locker for 3 people, depending. You can purchase your locker in advance in our ticketshop.

● Extras ●
There will be cigarettes available for purchase at the festival.
Consumption tokens can be purchased using cash or PIN. It will NOT be possible to pin cash at the festival.
Our market will accept CASH ONLY, so please make sure that you take enough cash with you on the day of the festival.

● Support ●
If you should have issues with your ticket, please go to Lost My Ticket

● Weather ●
Our gigantic musical tent areas are pre-warmed and waiting for you!
You walk from tent to tent in the open air, so think about some warm clothes if needed.

● Celebrate Safe ●
To enjoy our festival we hope you think about these 10 important things:

  • Using alcohol or other drug is never without risk
  • Love your ears
  • Think for yourself, care about others
  • Pace yourself: Eat, sleep, rave
  • Don’t push your limits. Be responsible
  • Be prepared for any type of weather
  • Take your time to chill
  • Always have safe sex
  • The first aid team is your friend
  • Don’t drink, drug and drive. You are a big risk for yourself and others

For more information check Celebrate Safe


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